My name is Ariel Johnston and I am the Tasty Balance Dietitian.

I am a Kansas City native, Kansas State and Iowa State graduate, cooking instructor, mom to the cutest fur baby Tillie, former college and semi-pro basketball player, and wife to Mr. Johnston.  My passion for cooking & baking came from my mom, who encouraged me to try any recipe (and didn't mind a little mess in the kitchen). My interest in nutrition started with an understanding that what I ate fueled me on the basketball court. 

After college, I moved to Australia for 4 years with my husband and since have returned to the heartland and started The Tasty Balance in 2018. Professionally I have taught nutrition and cooking classes to adults & kids for the local food bank- Harvesters and worked as a sous chef and instructor at the Culinary Center of Kansas City. I also worked as a clinical dietitian in one of Kansas City's largest hospitals and as a dietitian in an eating disorder clinic.

I am passionate about improving the field of dietetics and access to dietitians and serve on the board of the Kansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietitics and also on the Kansas City Chapter of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals. 

About The Tasty Balance

A Unique Nutrition Approach


If you were to do one thing now that your future self will thank you for it would be to ditch the diet culture. Not sure what this means or never heard of this? That's because so many of us are deep in diet culture and don't realize it. No, you don't have to have try and fit into what society deems as the perfect body- you have a body and that is enough. My approach is to help you learn more about what this means and how to accept food as something to enjoy and nourish your body.  


Not located in Kansas City? That's ok! I provide video conference sessions so we can meet if you are located in Kansas or Missouri.


Why 'tasty balance'?


My belief is everything in moderation, and of course, that includes chocolate and wine! When I thought of a name that conveyed my food philosophy, 'tasty balance' was perfect. There is room in your life for all kinds of foods and what is most important is finding a balance that includes what you love and allows you to live life without feeling restricted. 


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The Tasty Balance

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